Friday, April 11, 2014

Home Made Cheese Fondue!

It's the mid sem break again!
And I'd say it's been very fruitful indeed.
And, I've also tried my hands into cheese fondue!
Been inspired months ago after watching this video. 

So when I was with my mom shopping for our weekly groceries, my mom was kind enough to buy me some cheese...
And the Fondue begins!

I first prepared the ingredients needed to be dipped, namely tomatoes, prawns, sausages and bread croutons.
Then I mix the fondue by adding shredded cheese with some corn starch and milk and I heat it.
There you have it!!!
Cheese Fondue!
Bread Crouton with Cheese

 My homemade fondue

Yum Yum

My family and I definitely enjoyed this fattening snack. :)

Signing off

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