Sunday, April 27, 2014

Key Painting

My parents bought locks and keys which looked alike.
It had been troublesome for us to get used to the new locks.
So, I decided to paint it. :)

Le me prepping with art 
I covered half the key to make the nail paint stick to only the top part.
Afterwards, I designed the keys. 
I used a total of 6 colours to decorate the keys 
(4 main colours and 2 supplementary ones)

Drying process is a drag, cause I have to make sure all locks and keys are dried before I continue. 
As you can see, I've used paper cups and I put holes in the ends of them to make the keys stand so they won't touch each other during drying.
Hot sun was helpful.

I'd say I prefer the hot sun to the cool aircon. 
I felt that the sun dries up the keys and locks better. 

The end product!

I loved the way the colours come in contrast.

Shiny Pink, Polka Dots Yellow, Strips Blue, Mixed Yellow-Blue and Bright Red

I don't think I'll mix up my keys and locks again.

It took me quite some time, but I managed to finish it before noon. 
Aaaand this is how I spend my weekends NOT doing my assignments. X)
Have a nice day beautiful pepo!


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creative and good idea. Liked