Friday, March 14, 2014

Random trip with LoomMeit - Cafe 55, Lee Jetty

It all started with me wanting to go to a cafe to try out what's so good about the cafes around penang. 
So I did a quick search online and decided to go to this place called Cafe 55.
This place is famous for their 3D coffee art. 
Then I invited my room mate to hop on my friend's car for a quick getaway. 
After roaming around for 10 mins or so, we finally found the place in Lebuh Chulia @ Georgetown. 

Cafe 55

Twas a nice place...

I'd say a fusion of Art + Chinese culture

Abstract paintings 

Cool staircase

Miang me


Serbuk kopi = Coffee powder @@

There's a well there too

And an open aired backyard

Waiting for the food to come

OOTD (Outfit of the day): did you notice that our bajus match? X)

Random selfies

My room mate loved this shot particularly
Hence the change of profile picture

Yey our high tea!
Or should I say, high cholesterol?

Yummy tho

Mid shot of me munching (my most 'natural' shot)

Here comes our first 3D coffee art hot chocolate!
A cute looking lion for my room mate

She obviously enjoyed it a lot

But I was confused, why my latte came in the form of a pig... 

Meh, oh well.... Piggy me then

I'm gonna drink you piggy!

Hey look, I changed my piggy into a cute cat instead! 
Le artistic me!

Foam moustache 

Yea... I look manly

Then when we were heading back... 
My room mate asked to go to Lee jetty
After a sharp turn to the left upon reaching (and almost knocking over a motorbike -sowie-)
Here we are!

Well you see, my roommate's sirname's Lee...

So this is happy Lee here

Our failed attempt on making a heart shape. 

And this is her using her mighty powers to lift the boat...

She wanted me to 'hold' the thing... If you know what I mean.... 

At peace and feeling TITANIC

And with this, we end our short and lovely trip

I love random trips. :)

Signing off

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