Friday, October 25, 2013

My Trip to Kuching Sarawak - Day 3

I know it's waaaaaaaaaay long overdue, but yea, here it is!!
Places of interest: Bako National Park & Top Spot
Woke up in the beautiful treetop, ready to check out

Bai Bai treetop lodge!

Waiting for our charted driver
We are fortunate to be brought by two friendly angmos to Bako jetty

Registering ourselves at Bako reception
Bako National Park is famous for their many jungle treks

Aaand off we go! By Boat!

Beautiful scenery...

Yea, like I said, beautiful scenery... X)

Once we reach the place, there were tall wave beaten stones

Here we are! Bako National Park:
Famous for Proboscis Monkeys & Wild Boar
We didn't manage to see the monkeys cause it was rainy...
and it was lunch time (according to Sheng..) haha.

So there! Wild boar at the entrance!

This is mua at the entrance into the jungle treks 

So we hiked into the first trek, one of the most popular one. 

Sadly, besides the wild boar, the only wildlife we saw are the tourists 0.o

Lots of beautiful shrooms

One of the friendly angmo tourist guide friend told us that the place used to be a sea bed. 
So the big ass rocks used to be corals of some sort, immersed in the sea for thousands of years. 
Until the sea level decrease and the place turned into a jungle/mangroove

We reached the place after 1 hour plus, finally! 

On our way back, more shrooms!

Passing through a narrow way between rocks

We went for another hike, called the Ulu Assam View Point, which was much more challenging then the one before. 
But it was fun, eerie kindda. 
Cause we were the only 2 people in the whole trek. 

After we went back, we decided to makan malam at the town area.

Meow Meow at Kuching

Here's the place we decided to have dinner. 
It's one of the most famous place in Kuching for seafood -- Top Spot!

We tried the Miding, which was fern of some sort. 
Really nice and crunchy! 
I wonder why it was not sold in Penang...

Awesome black pepper crab. 

Nestum Prawn. 
Great recommendation by Aubrey
Speaking of him...
So after we went back to our hostel, we are kipnapped by Aubrey to a local bar
It's called the Ruai, which means the hall place in Iban.

We had a TsingTao beer and some Tuak.

The place was beautifully designed, very authentic

Chillin here

That's how we do it. 
Beer & shots

Hopefully I got to post Day 4 soon! 
Cheers beautiful peoplessss!


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