Monday, October 28, 2013

Sudden Struck of Certainty -- How I KNOW what I want to be

It was a normal day, me having Business Writing class at night time 8-10pm. Ughhh
What I thought to be a boring lecture actually turned into a life changing event!
It started off as a normal resume writing exercise.
With the hectic assignments and exams due weekly, it wasn't actually a big surprise for me.
BUT, what the lecturer said had inspired my thoughts.
"Resume writing in your General English class and resume writing in my class is totally different. My resume writing class would be more in depth, preparing you guys for the real world of working."

I was instantly dumbfound, stumped and a sudden small panicky feeling creep into my lil heart.
Remembering the wise old cracking of my fellow colleague from my past intern place, he stated jokingly, "Half a year till grad? Better start applying for jobs already..."
I went back to my hostel and rang my boyfriend.
"I think we should start sending in our resumes to companies. Look at how many uni students are without jobs, I want to have a job right after uni, I hope you'll consider it too."
He was calm as usual (charming he is), and he solemnly agreed that it was only logical.
Then I started sharing lots of stuff I know about works and how we must go about it.
After I was off the phone with him, back came my roommate...

Being that hothead I am, I told her about my 'big discovery/came through'.
She was nodding her head all along, agreeing with me in a spirited way (yea, she was a hothead too); so both of us were indulged into our own thoughts about our future.
Unable to shake that feeling away, I went to search online for StarJobs.
Yes, I have that habit of googling everything...
Out came the Career Quiz, and out came again, my results.
"Creative Type --You like to express yourself"
I was like --WHUUUTTT is this...
I did not think of myself as the creative type, I am no good with coming out with new ideas or concepts, being innovative and such. No, that's just not me...
Or is it...

I was there, still mind numbingly staring at my laptop for tomorrow's exam, and..
Yes, it was Martin-Luther-King dramatic!
Remembering the old days when I was in secondary school, I would read columns after columns of articles on lifestyle, health care and beauty, articles about relationships and articles about life and philosophies...
I, sub-consciously, collected magazine from 2006 up till now, because I loved them.
They were too precious for me to throw away.
I love to read about the majesty of travel places, the art of communicating, the sounds of nature, and facts of life.
I love to read about the cute and warm moments in a relationship, the serene peace of relaxation tips, the gossip of the day and the stories, oh the beautiful stories...
Stories about life, stories about love, stories about nature, stories about motivation, and I'm an adult now, I'm not afraid to say it, stories about sex. (it's not about the actual act okay, it's about sex in a healthy way, how it improves your relationships, ass outta brains please)

I want to be a columnist.
And I am sure, so sure that the sheer power of it made me wrote this blogpost in the midst of studying for my exam tomorrow, so sure that I know I will do it or die trying, so sure that my mind is now turning with beautiful ideas and spinning at warp speed in planning for my future...

Inspirations do come in bad times.
(suddenly proud of myself for writing a blogpost on 'exam is the time for inspiration' years ago)
But I'm gonna call my mom first thing tomorrow morning to tell her the news!
Hmm, resume ideas...

- I keep magazines from 2006 to now
- I wrote an award winning story
- I had a blog since Form 4
- I am sucker for beautifully written pieces
- The StarJob said I am a creative type of person
- You better hire me or else I'm telling mah mom...


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