Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gathering and Updates!

The days after STPM are full of gatherings and stuff
I'm gonna miss my friends...
This is in May Tip!
Taman Mutiara, BM
Sambal Flavor!
This is something special~
Some sort of egg+vege fried
If you dip that in this sause! Woohoo!
Pei En practically drank the whole bowl in~
It was TASTY!

Celebrating Zhiying's Bday!
Bowling at Pacific~ See my score above!! XD
All of us improved since last time! =)
Now what?
It's kindda a new experience for me
I didn't work before....
So I'm having a slight dilemma now.
I don't know what job to choose
#1 Waitress at Secret Recipe
#2 Education Consultant at Cambridge Language School
Seems obvious huh?
But now the situation's kindda tied up
We are going thru trainings and stuff without getting paid
(for now)
Parents bro and ys telling me to evaluate myself...
I'm bad at this....
So how?
Let's wait until January....
Then we'll see....

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