Monday, December 6, 2010

Fried Porridge Anyone? =)

The journey there is an adventure itself~
Because it was a looooong and wiiiiiinding road.
Passing through nausea-tic roads across hills...
We were off to 峰亭秀海鲜 Fong Ting Siew
At Serdang, Kedah
I'm sure you guys heard of it.
There were many documentaries made of this place
It's quite popular i guess.
So off we go!
In the big big van-car of my uncle's!
It's so cool~
Look, there's a built in DVD player inside~
It was huge, like i could stand in it!
My cousin sister~ Aww, so cute...
We reach the place after an hour or so.
Here it is!
Me n my fav cousins! <3
The younger ones of the family... =)
So we waited like a while and..
Dinner is served!
Fried porridge!
Whoa, 1st thing i've notice, there is many 'ju hu' inside...
(dried squid)
It was quite tasty. Yummy! XD
Yam with sliced 3-layered pork~
hmmm~ nice...
Fried ribs i think~ kindda blurry... =(
Ahhh, this is kindda special
It was juicy and fresh!
Some had blood oozing out when you take a bite....
It was s-p-i-c-y
but nice to taste.... XD
Steamed fish~
I like the taste of it too!
The flesh was very soft
and it practically slips into your mouth....
It was a nice day...
I was like pregnant after dinner.
I ate too much
Do give it a go if you know the way...
Signing off!


【Huiyin】 said...

lol.. wendy, my dad has a van like ur uncle's.. xD hahaha.. the food looked nice huh... *drooling xP

珈乐 said...

hey wendy...long time didnt view yr blog,seems like u enjoy wif yr current life,thx for d comment in my blog be4,i had a long time didnt updated my blog...><'''gud luck in yr STPM ya~^^

*敏* said...

i wana eat ;(