Thursday, January 6, 2011

What happens now?

I've haven't written a blog for like, ages!
It's 2011 for god's sake
I've gotto show some enthusiasm!

What happens here?
I'm working
(no duh!)
What do you mean by that?
Depends on the time lo!
I am a teacher in Jit Sin in the morning
teaching f3 n f4 english
(which I am still struggling to learn it myself...)
And I am a sub-marketing executive in CES Cambridge in the evening
And also a part time tutor.

I was in cambridge way before I was teaching in Jit Sin
I quite like being a marketing executive actually
I learn a lot!
Skills like telemarketing, presentations come in handy
all of the time~
Then there were the part where I had to distribute flyers
That is a bit hard
But i can manage~
I am working with chris and james
betcha don't know who they are without their real names!
chuoying and juinhow
It's nice having them as partners
We fool around
and get scold
have secret meetings
it's the life of an OL
(or OM if you are a male)

Then being a school teacher is actually
a favor i did for my teacher
Well, call me teacher Wendy then
I don't know what to talk in class
And I don't know which way suits me for
"class control"
I myself as a former student feel bad
because I was one of the naughty students back then

I seek advice from teachers around me
I am glad I have teacher KL Chang and Eng
as my tutor!
Well, I wish I could but I know it's tough
So I say lar!
I am not interested in having a teaching profession in school
even when my friends told me to
You guys don't know how difficult some student may be
So you guys say teaching is easy
Salah Betul!

Bo Huat~
I've gotto be strong then.
Worst comes to worst
Students climb all over me
And I would be The Legend of Jit Sin Sub Teacher
So sober..
Well, I hope I can cope

Mushroom mushroom
Do you know i like mushroom?


Christopher Valentine said...

it's been a pleasure working wif u, partner. Hope we can kip on working for a longer period.....

Just Cool Gal said...

haha~ i think i'd keep this job. altho i am still struggling bout the guilt just now in d fair. haiz, feel so bad lar.....

pinky0angel said...

someone from Cambridge name chris called me ==
am teh nia