Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Memories with YeeShin

To Yee Shin
You must me smiling that big big smile of yours when you are reading this
No, don't shake your head
You are really smiling
Don't try to cover it bah!
So this is a nice short trip with my best friend
to the BEACH!!
So, this is the one i'm talking about
Yea, it's her
She is someone special to me
No, m not lesbian
She is my BF!
(this sounds worst... But who cares? XD)
We were having Vegetarian food that day
Cause it was during 九王爷
We were festive~
There it is, somewhere near Taman Mutiara
Me finish my lunch~
Then we went to a shop just opposite of the place
But actually it's selling breads~
Lots of British breads here!
See the rack?
(ignore the model~ XD)
This smells nice FYI
Aww, nice surround huh? hehe~
So we were off!
To a place call Jeti Aman
On the way...
I stop by a swampy area~
See? Me and her!

It was beautiful~
(if not so hot, it would be perfect)
Nice view there huh~

The long and winding road....
Aww, she looks nice.....and dangerous!
walking in the middle of the road...
somemore posting for me to take her photos!
So we continue our journey....
There we are! Ps, it's also known as Jeti Aman~

Yeah! I look so small~ XD

So this is a part of the view
See the sea there?
Walking down the jeti~
Ops, my photo was taken~
So i took another to get back at her...
Walking down down down
To here.... Ahhh, beautiful right?
Let the pictures talk...


Sea waterS!
A small shady area~ Picnic?
We had some fun time there...
I've recorded a few vids but i'm lazy
I won't upload it anytime soon~
Harh harh~
There is it, my car...
Huston, we are heading home...
Signing Off

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림좋믄♥ said...

"Windy Wendy has hair flying crazy on a Windy Wendy day. ">:PPP

Ah I love the puns in the line. :D

When is it my turn????? I'm going to go back to KL in a week plus!!!! T________T