Monday, September 6, 2010


The train station...
The restaurant???
Located in Seberang Jaya, Penang,
Victoria Train Station is 1 of the most unique restaurants here.
It had a train attach to it, LITERALLY!
Here it is!
See the Train? Choochoo!
So my family and me (I love them all)
Went in and decided to seat at the deck!

Captain L speaking!
Ahhh~ Cozy...
This is me (and the menu) ==
This is what the menu looks like...
Oops... XD
Food is served!
Ahh, Oxtail soup!
(but it seems tastier last time)
Hot Chili and something something soup...
(haha, forgive me)
Yummy bread
My honeydew!
This is barbeque chicken chop.
Me and my mom shared this
Lamb chop and salmon delight!
(taste was nice, but the portion is kindda small)
My dad's steak!
(It was soso, maybe it's because we forgotten to tell them not to do it well done)
Captain L's fried chicken!
(It was really crunchy. XD)
Me again, dinner done. =)
A few snapshots before heading back.
The interior look...
Pans on display! ;)
It has a mini bar there,
talk about class!
Table setting...
So that was it!
Nice nice yummy yummy food...
And a unique experience!
And that...
concludes my show and tell of the day

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