Saturday, September 25, 2010

Counsel Injection

Baby are you
down down down down down......
Feeling that pain?
Feeling that shitty thang crowding your mind?
Yes, it's that emotion....
Sour sad sorrow
mournful even...
It's like so never ending
Things that should be kept secret
Things that should be let known
Emotions are like variant tastes
Some sweet some sour
some spicy some bitter
If so, I'd say human is a solving machine
Human are made to overcome situations
Problems arise
then FACE it
So what if your results are the worst in class?
So what if your doggy's dead?
So what if your family quarrels every F-ing day?
Are you gonna feel better by being sad?
Are your problems gonna go away by locking yourself up?
Are you gonna continue living that pitiful life of yours?
C'on people.
Where's that smile?
That beaten but all so addictive smile?
You smile in the face of danger
You smile when you are sad
You smile when you are ill in bed
You smile
This isn't being strong or being confident
Not even close to being admired by others
This is life
Yes, feel the emotions
Embrace that feeling!
Aim your target

(Recently some of my friends are going through some hard times.
I wrote this for them and do hope they stand along side with us.
Fight and stay strong.

[sounds quaky but true]
Smile guys!)

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