Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Balance in life-the Philosophical view

There's no such thing as FAIR in this world
Or so they say
Many things happen without a reason
And we were forced to face it
Even though we had nothing whatsoever to do with it
I've encountered a situation like that
It's my family
They had some arguments
And it's kindda pissing me off
My level of tolerance is quite reasonable
But yet they succeed in affecting me
I almost lost it...
(i said almost right??)
Then I started to question myself
Is it me who are not patient enough
Or are the noise around bugging me in a way I din realize?
Thinking thinking thinking
*Light bulb lit up*
It's the balance of everything around us!
I've been enjoying my life for quite some time
I'm satisfied with my situation now
Living in my perfect world
I would NOT grow if nothing bad happen to me
Think about it
It's something like karma
You treat people well,
people would treat you well back the same
You bark at the dog, the dog will surely bark back
etc etc etc
Kindda lacking of examples
(had minor brain damage after trials)
My point is
I realize things happens in equals
In ways we would not imagine
I call it the balance of life
Sharing time!
I like this song from the movie Mulan 2
It's called lesson number one
Do see it if you are free
or needing some inspiration

Lyrics can be found here
Enjoy guys!

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