Saturday, July 3, 2010

Throw me a romance friction!

There comes a time when a gal would start to throw away sci-fi fiction and pick up a romance comedy novel. I had mine when i was in form 4 if m not wrong. It was life changing and it lead me to my today. Haha!
Well, I for one, think that romantic stories are meant to be shared around, to let people know that life is actually meaningful for a change. Many of us had forgotten the joy of just being happy. Think about it, are you feeling ok physically now? Any aches or pains? If no, then you should be happy and thankful! Embrace that feeling now! Then think again, do you feel loved? Ahhh~ Hard question right? But you are loved.. Maybe by your family or by that nice friend beside you. It's that kind of emotion that made you YOU and made difficult things seem possible!

Romantic friction give us faith and hope. Some may say these so call faith and hope are all false being and misleading as compared to our reality. For me, i do believe in love faith and hope. Heck, i believe in love! Hehe~ Weird thing to be confessing, i know. But this genre of books gives me strength and believe, that no matter how hard the world maybe treating you, you are great and amazing, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

The novels may always lead to a happy ending, while real life may not; i like to think it as a process. Sort of like, it's happy for now, then problems come again and then you'll be able to solve it and get through with life. Sometimes it's philological, the POV thing. See life beautifully, then life is. See it as a sad world, you'll even feel sorry for yourself.

Ahh, the many wonders of romantic novels. I hereby stand by romantic frictions and firm my statement that the world is a place of love and kindness, if we are willing to look at it that way. ^^

My collection of romantic friction. ^^

p/s, I am targeting to improve my chem and pa this coming exam. But, i am really happy my math improved a lot last time! XD

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