Tuesday, July 13, 2010


kays, the exam is over!
Well, the results might not be as good as i expected
(math really lousy this time, totally out lar.)
(but I have high hopes for my chem tis time*smirk)
but who cares?
at least, i'll have more space for improvement NEXT time.
So, I am so free!
I don't know why,
i have a strong nagging ache to SING!
I wanna sing my lungs, my heart and a few other organs out!
I'm going to be involved in the YAMAHA official opening on the 8th August.
Doing some medleys on classical songs and jazzy songs.
It's still in progress but I am so going to Break A Leg!
I wanna indulge in senseless entertainment until my next exam!
and i promise i will not be as busy as before.
Plan nicely and really go for the goal.
I'm just saying lar.
But of course, i would work hard!
I love my life.
Signing off, ME ME ME!!!


【Huiyin】 said...

yeah yeah~~ me also free!! xD
hahahaha.. today finished exam also.. =) wakakakaka..
and I have one month and half long term break~~~ wuuhooo!!! xD

Just Cool Gal said...

yes yes yes yes yes!!! when u come back?? wahahaha! kia, we go out! hohohoho~ i wanna sing K! XD