Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soul Searching (Myself)

It's a sunday~
And m making changes to my life!
(what had i done successfully)
* Manage to overcome my nail bitting bad habit (yeah!)
* Manage to sleep under fan rather then aircond (saving the earth!)
* Manage to improve the majority of my subjects in F6 (even MUET!)
* Manage to cut on9 time (which is something m really proud of)
* Manage to make some new friends (smirk)
* Manage to exercise regularly
Beautiful list ain't it?
Haha, all of them which m proud of.
M changing for the better and i know it.
Now, i have a plan.
A simple plan which needs a lot of hard-work.
It's time to really stop most of my activity and to really STUDY.
* I had already set up my study plans with my best bud, YeeShin
(2 weeks to cover most of the syllabus)
* Make myself exercise REGULARLY
(it's important for my health, this time, M gonna take charge of it!)
* Achieve higher standards in musical means
(target, to be like my teacher)
I am still trying to find myself through these steps
It's not easy, but it's meaningful.
I want a better life.
I want something more.
I want respect.
and I wan people to see me.
I live my life MY WAY
I will continue to see the world through my eyes
and appreciate what i have now.
I know some of us are struggling to live,
which makes me aware that I am still healthy,
I can still walk I can still talk and I can still love.
* Wow people during 8/8 concert at Yamaha Music School, Jln Kulim
* Get SUPERB results in my Trials exam
* Get 3.85 and above in STPM
* Find me myself
(Kindda hard to define, m trying, hehe.)
* Embrace life and love life
(to my family, i do love you, all of you.
to my friends, i treat you with sincerity and care, all of you.
to the animals and environment, i will make a better future for nature.
to peace, i will find it for me, my loved ones and the world)
I had a great dream and great aim.
I maybe small (and short for that matter, haha)
I wanna make a change.
Let's wait and see.
Go Wendy!


【Huiyin】 said...

strive for the best of self and live a better life..
I love your this post.. =)
very very reminds me of my
dream and my target.. but just sometimes.. I'm just lost.. ><
should find myself back and get me back onto the track.. =)by the way, I back to Penang already.. will stay until this wednesday.. going back to KL on thurs.. ><

Just Cool Gal said...

hehe~ thx so much gal! XD yea yea~ 一时找不回自己,慌了。yes, we need some time for ourself de... ^^ so fast eh~ i ask thm wed wan gather nt ya wan? XD