Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A PA lesson that made me realize THIS

If you had the time to read this passage, please do.
I think you guys would think twice after this.

What is this?
It's the story my Pengajian Am teacher told me during PA tuition today
What about?
Human trafficking

It's just a small story
but it made me realize the contrast in different levels of society
and i feel so intellect and yet idiotic at the same time
It's like I've just step out of my area of vision
and entered the not so beautiful world
-which existed for like centuries-

Okay okay.
Story story
Do you ever notice those guys around your taman?
Foreign workers?
Yea, they come in varieties!
Indons, Philippines, Myanmars, India
and the HYBRIDS...
Our impression of them is?
Loheng group of peoples,
they cause way much trouble then their contributions,
dangerous and cheap labor,
no self-worth or does not has the right to...
(ps, seriously, not my POV, these are taken from the norm..)
i think we should hear from them for a change
why is Indonesia's boycotting Malaysia by not letting more maid to work here?
why is there so many prostituting in KL?
why is there crimes committed by these immigrants?
why we can not understand their motive of their moves?
eg, maid wanting to commit suicide with the baby? (yesterday's newspaper)
Most of them had a sad stories to their arrival
Most of them are cheated by their agents
eg, you pay the boat fee, come msia work lah, you can earn at least rm400 per month leh~
reasoning: if converted to their currency?
eg, you wanna be a translator? msia needing these people now, we meet you at airport~
reasoning: an intellect job in a developing country?
So many of these lousy sweet talks to trick them
Somemore they are not highly educated
When you are short of money and in need to raise a big family
When you are desperate for any job
What would you do?
Given the nice payment and stuff
It does sound promising
So? GO LOR....
How to go?
By midnight boats, 1 boat approx 100 people
The orang tengah will standby by the beach
if got police they will call the captain
to inform them not to anchor their boat at the port
so how?
setengah jalan say reached their destination
asked them to walk to bay themselves
some are swept by undersea currents or tripped
so lives are taken JUST LIKE THAT
remember the case where dozens of dead bodies are found by the beachside near Johor?
(if m not wrong)
yea, that's the one
If not by boat, they also can come by land transport
Vans or lorries fulled of immigrants
50 or 60 over in a lorry
approx 100 in a truck
some even hide under the driver seats!
They came without their VISAs
so problems arise when they reach their "destination".....
Some of them are taken to ulu (rural areas) places
Instructed to build those papan shelter
and live there...
They are usually threatened
If you don't work, the owners would report to the police and they would be jailed and sent back
No money gained.
If you move about or out of that rural area, the police would catch you, with no VISAs
then you would be sent back again.
Some of them would then take the opportunity to sell them food, daily stuff and medication
eg, Panadol is priced at rm2 per packet,
theirs is rm2 per capsule.......
Some of the female immigrants are brought to a room and locked
and forced to prostitute
if not, they would be beaten or worst...
I've heard some had to entertain a total of 50 customers per night...
Where is humanity????
Some of them are drugged to sleep
only to wake up with their organs (kidney usually) stolen...
What to do?
Not only like that,
those employers would not pay them to save their cost and expenditures
they would promise them their money at the end of their contract,
only to report to the police themselves right before payday arise,
so they don't have to pay them anything.
Sometimes, we really do understand why they acted so inhumanly
they were tortured physically and mentally
day after day after day
and it's like living hell for them
when they ran away,
when they write little notes of help,
when they acted violently...
sometimes it's a defense thing.
I would if i were treated like that~
What i feel about this?
It's like a sudden realization,
while i was busy dealing with teen stuff
committees, friend fights, some on and off homework troubles
I didn't pay attention to the world around me
People are suffering daily and yet we are worrying bout math
(sorry teacher ): )
I feel anger but somehow helpless
It's like the global warming thing
We know it's happening and yet there are still people polluting the environment
What can we do?
I think i can start by telling you, you whom are reading this now..
By creating awareness around,
to tell people
Eh, look around, it's not like you're the center of attention
Please do SOMETHING to help these people.....
I know we couldn't stop human trafficking to the point of zero
but still, we can make a difference,
lower the numbers
help those people in need
instead of turning a cold shoulder....


ken said...

i've read about human trafficking in liverpool.. i went into the slave museum and read on the history.. pretty interesting.. and insightful.. =)

【Huiyin】 said...

good one, wendy! =)
a very good blog post!
and i strongly agree with u.. ><
this world is just...too cruel sometimes.. ><

Just Cool Gal said...

wow ken! it must be real cool or real geli~ the things they made their same species to encounter. it's so inhuman~
huiyin oi, thank you thank you. i rushed back from tuition just to post this blog before the teacher's words slipped my mind. haha~ i hope people realize bout this and make a change~ even if it's a small one. ^^