Monday, January 4, 2016

Ending 2015 with a bang - Langkawi 4D3N Trip

Great friends, great scenery, great trip!
One of the highlights of my year is this trip to Langkawi. 
It was a pretty spontaneous trip, I'm very happy to share this wonderful memories with these bunch of crazy pepo. 


PY had a great idea to bake some cookies for everyone as a Christmas present.
Being the great chef we are (we totally are), this is what happened that day.


It's something!

Langkawi Trip - Day 1

We went there by driving directly into Langkawi. our car was ferried by LangkawiAuto.
It was a very nice experience no less. The ferry provided a nice and comfortable passenger deck too!

Upon reaching

Then we checked into our humble accommodation @ Shaka Langkawi. It was a decent place, but would be nicer if there's aircon. There's a delicious Nasi Kukus right beside the Roomah Shaka, which was a major plus point! Then we went about and jalan around the streets of Cenang Beach.

Sunset @ Yellow cafe.

Awesome food, Awesome beer, Awesome scene...
And that's how our first day went.

Langkawi Trip - Day 2

Twas the day we pick up TPY from the airport.
BUTT! Their flight was delayed, we had waaaaay too much time on our hands to kill.
Hence, we explored Langkawi!
Beer / cider in our hands, we started off our journey!

Breakfast @ Red Tomato Restaurant

Road Trip!

Sun & Beach = Paradise

We found this hidden treasure of a nice a peaceful beach near to the edge of Langkawi OTW to Mount Raya.
James made us vowed to go back for a second visit...
Sadly, that visit was never made.
We went to Kuah Town for lunch and bought these cool hats!


Anyways, we then went to Mount Raya and Makam Mahsuri to kill time.

Then, it's time to get TPY
Armored and prepared, we were soooo ready to receive them @ Langkawi International Airport...
Only to found out that their plane got delayed (again). 

Armored and prepared

We almost didn't make it to the sunset @ Cenang, hence The Amazing Race Langkawi happened!
Seriously tho, sorry for the shaky video... Heh...

Langkawi Trip - Day 3

Rise and shine! It was not a pwetty day cause some of us are still pretty hang over from the Christmas countdown party yesterday night. 
We had the bestest time burying each other's legs in the sand and dancing around the beach half drunk. 
BUTT, ready we are, to conquer the islands of Langkawi!
Hopped on a boat and off to Island Hopping we go!

We had a great time and after that, we took a rest, got some food in our tummy and bought souvenirs. 
Fortunately, it was a breeze going back the next day.
Our car was not held up by the Custom check and we went back home tired and happy. 

Thanks guys for the awesome adventure. 
Let's go somewhere else next! 
Hopefully, I got time to write another blog post for my previous Cameron trip too! 

2016 started off with me clearing off my previous videos and photos. 
Lots of editing and cleaning to be done... 
See ya soon pepo! 

Signing off

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