Sunday, March 6, 2016

Year of the Hustle

I came across this concept after watching JK Films peeps talking about how 2015 was their year of the hustle.
They explained how they doubled their efforts and their time spent to make better videos and to keep their fans entertained in general, which in return, gives great revenue.
I liked how they introduce this concept and their plans to make everything work.
So I've decided to make 2016 my YEAR OF THE HUSTLE!

I'd summarize my 2015 in one word: confused.
I was pretty lost as I've not set a clear direction as to what I am to do and how am I going to do it.
Being a freshie, I simply don't know what I want to do.
It was a year of finding myself, trying out stuff and generally knocking my head into many things at once.
I made many crazy decisions, all which I had not regretted so far as, well, that's just me finding me. :D

This year, my prime target is to fill my free time doing productive things.
After my tiny fallback last year - not being able to get Masters - I'm now refreshed and back at it again.
Tuitions are now more frequent and I have more 'kangtaos' going on, which is nice.
I'm involved in much more teaching practices and more opportunities.
I'm also trying to applying for Masters yet again, hopefully I can get it this time round.
I hope that this will be the year I get to outgrow myself!

Anyways, I'm still fortunate enough to have time for my friends and some gatherings here and there.
I really appreciate everyone that's in my life now that I'm more occupied and hustling.
I love all of you and thank all of you for your constant support and care.
Let's make 2016 a year worth remembering!

To end this short update, I'd like to introduce my now grown-up chicks!
They are the most adorable thing to me, and they always have a way to make me smile.

Have a nice day pepo!

Signing off

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