Monday, August 10, 2015

I need a plan

Well, the news about me being rejected by USM Masters was a sudden turn of events.
For whatever reason it was, I didn't particularly feel sad.
I feel kinda glad too in a way cause, I'm not sure if continuing my studies would be a good step for me.
I am now confused and perplexed as to what will my next step be.
Perhaps I should go and look for the Dean and appeal.
OR... I can explore the other options in life?

I believe that life changes happen for a reason.
Perhaps this is the time for me to actually get up and do something...
Even though now I'm actually in a sweet spot, juggling between 2 main (but part time) jobs.
But, the pay is still minimal to the extent that I have to use a magnifying glass to see my paychecks.

I actually have a checklist for myself to self evaluate, and the results are actually more confusing than ever.
See below:
1. Am I satisfied with my current lifestyle? If not, which part?
Yes, but things can be better, paycheck wise.

2. Do I want to work full time (office job)?
No, unless I really have to.

3. How am I going to cover my expenses?
Taking more jobs or earning more money, whichever comes naturally for me.

4. What are my short term plans?
I have a list of things to do lined up for me, but I don't have the means to complete it. I need to get more money. I prefer working on a project of some sort, be it a business idea or just some on the side writing projects or so.

5. How am I going to achieve the above?
... This is where I got stuck.

This is usually where the story comes to a magical twist of events right?
Ugh, I really got to do SOMETHING to change my life.
Well, at least I got one thing down, which is maintaining my healthy daily exercise routine.
I believe, if I have more healthy routines, it would help me in my future too...
C'on Wendy, think...
I need a plan.

Supp guys, thanks for reading my blog.
It does get personal sometimes, cause I really do need to get it off my chest.
I'm routing for a change in my life.
Trying new things or just switching my current life up a notch.
Hopefully I get to enjoy the things I want.
As for you guys out there, if you're too struggling like me, I hope you have better luck at coming up with solutions to your problems.
I'm sure the solution will pop up someday, soon enough.
Let's keep the fire burning yo!

Pictures of my chickens to keep you energized!


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