Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Life in Progress!

Whew, I've been wanting to do some of my personal stuff for some time.
For example, editing videos, blogging, and many more.
One thing I'm proud of myself for doing is that I exercise... Everyday!
But yea, food intake wise, that's another ball game.
Hence, the stagnant of my body weight. Heee...

Anyways, coming back to topic, I have so many things lined up for me.
But yesterday, I had finally closed some of the open files.
I've edited 3 videos in one go!
Which took me for about 3 hours (I've been doing my work while I was waiting for the render)
So, I'm happy of that!

Then I think to myself, when work actually comes, it demands such a big part of you.
Time is of the essence they say, but how do you actually spend it is what makes everything worth while.
Take for example, me writing this blog!
I may not have a million views or likes, but I'm happy that I got to put a small part of my life experience here to share with those of you who checked my blog.
Thank you so much for stalking me, I love you guys. :)

Sometimes, taking time to do your own stuff is satisfaction itself.
Now that I've completed some of my to-dos, I feel much relieved.
No regrets people! That's how I wanna live mah life.

Obligated selfie post with new Taiwan boots!
Thanks to my cousins K&K!

This is one of the videos I was talking about. 
My silly friends and me enjoying ourselves at Jason's Bro's Wedding!
Bunch of awesome people they are. :D

Signing off

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