Monday, January 12, 2015

Choices in Life // New year!

Yey! I'm back from Taiwan!
Boo, here comes tough choices...
I felt bad for not being able to squeeze more time out for me to blog about my Taiwan trip.
But I guess leisure have to make way for more important stuff.
I'm finally starting off my career! :)

Hence the dilemma.
Well, it's kind of a complication with date clashes...
I have this training, which clashes with every other things I'm working on now.
Which is a sore headache.
Whelp, what to do but to toss a coin... Lol
*le sad me

It's a new year, 2015!
Glad to say I've celebrated mine in Taiwan at Taipei 101.
An awesome experience no doubt.

New year is the time for new year resolutions right?
After so many years of making resolutions, I'd say even though many of them was actually realized,
This year perhaps I'm not going to write down each and every one of them like before.
It's always the same anyways.
But I'm still progressively working towards my goals.
The usual: get money, get fit, be fabulous.

Stay cool, stay awesome!
Signing off

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