Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trip to Suling Hill

It was a fine day at Bukit Mertajam
And Rach and I decided to go for a simple hike to Suling Hill!
It's a nice and uprising place at BM
So with GPS on hand, we decided to go on an adventure!

It's not too challenging to find the place.
But it was a pretty long road there.
Half the way there...

Nice scenery = check!

Cattle = check!

Weird looking road sign in the middle of nowhere= check!

Another weird looking road sign in the middle of nowhere = check!

Reaching Suling Hill...

Awesome looking little hut 

With a sexay model beside the painted rock

Where we parked our car

A small little bench at the corner of the place

Seemingly a restaurant, ran by the Kungfu Monk

Kungfu Monk: (Hokkien) Don't touch my furniture!

But twas a beautiful view tho!

Bird's eye view of BM
The 'hill' we were on

A stroll down the tracks

Me leaning against another printed rock 

I would be careful when walking
Don't want to step in these NOPEs

Failed Jumpshot #1

Failed Jumpshot #2

Actual Jumpshot! YEY

Selfie time! 

The sun!

It's burning!

Burning our eyes!


But nice view tho... :P

The Kungfu Monk's Passion Fruit 百香果
Selfie alert in 3

But first...

Lemme take a selfie

*cue pop music

Hey look there

Awww, for couples only!


The sun again, blazing into our eyes!

I love this natural fencing


Duck face craze

Taking a panaroma

Getting hotter!

#angels 2

So this wraps up our Suling Hill trip

Selfie for the road


Thanks for reading!
Sincerely, crazy zha bors roaming BM!

Signing off

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