Monday, September 15, 2014

Penang Cycling

My friends and I decided to go to Penang to cycle around the heritage sites. 
We arrived at Armenian street early and rented a bike.
Man, my butt hurts now. 
But, all in all, a great trip.
I enjoyed myself; and my brother no doubt, enjoyed it too. 
Really hope my friends feel the same way too.
Anyways, here are the photos and some short clips!!!

Tried this 万福面 near the Pasar Pagi near Armenian Street. 
It tasted like Pan Mee but with lots of minced meat inside.

Guess what?! We picked the right time to go, there's a festival going on. 
The 大伯公 fest I think.

We grabbed one of them and took photos with him!

*breaking composure

So this is the street view

Yea, it's pretty happening.
People mountain people sea

I love those lanterns.
Look at my friends go!

This is the place we rented the bikes.

Twas a small vintage shops, and we got our bikes for RM8 each!
(It was pretty cheap as compared to other shops renting them for RM10)

I think he likes his because of the different sized tires.

So the owner said we can use the bikes the whole day, until 6pm.

First street art we saw along the corner of the shop.
I told him he looks very rigid with his all serious pose.

So this happened...

Here we are at the street art depicting Penang's rich Hokkien culture.

Here we are near the minions. 

Sadly it was changed and all that's left was this little cardboard remake of it.

Nearing the cats alley...

Where many cats street art could be found.

Yey us

I specially took this photo of the plants being planted in shoes for my mom.
Perhaps someday we might find some use in those old smelly shoes...

Riding along the busy street

*cue song* Because I'm happy...

I particularly like this lil doodle.
Even though it's not really a street art, but I thought it looked dope.

Cat, Us

Us, Cat

Pose strike #1

Pose strike #2


I feel like I look like Pete Griffin

Looking for buns

The all famous pink tanker

Crushing Louis

And then crushing us...

In style

Kitty kitty

I hug you

Stopped at China house

Loved the random arts here, but only one of us was sitting in the pic above.

Hock Qi la!

Warning, be prepared for multiple jump shots

Butt jump shot

Hovering UFO legs

Finally, Epic

Signs around China House

Selfie obsessed

This is actually a programme by the China House Art Gallery

Where we take photos of our selfies... 

And post it online

Sneaking in a lil rest after our morning ride

The couch feels good...

More selfies

Batman with mustache? 

This is the contest ad!

Fresh bakeries in China House

Authentic design of the Chinese

Riding along

Minion Attack!


Kids on Swings!

Me hulk

Me swing

These awesome bikes brought us to many places

It even brought us through rain!

Awesome jump shot by Louis

Pitstop cafe


He told me he act fat

Big A$$ street art!

Having a short rest while heading to First Avenue

Saw this wall filled with painting!

I think this is a new one, but it's super cool

So we reached First Avenue

There's this Balloon Activity going on down there for kids to play

We even took photos with the mascot!

After we bought SJ4000, we stopped at Mews Cafe

L told me he loved the ikan bilis

The four photos below are taken using SJ4000
(you can see the faulty date stamps at the bottom right corner of the photos)

Yup, I'm satisfied

Zoom 4x

But it's kinda blury when zoomed

More of this 大伯公 fest nearing the place we returned our bikes

Needless to say, it was jam packed!

Had to walk through bodies of people with our bikes by our side to pass through


We actually held hands with him!

A lil more before we go...

And that's it!

We wrapped up our Penang trip with happy smiles

Then we went to Sunway, dabao Subway and watched 'The Maze Runner' with Sheng and James
Haha! Day well spent!
I love you guys

Signing off


净怡 said...

WOW, Nice!!! When was it?

Wendy T said...

haha, near Tua Pek Gong that time... :D wait u come back, we go again ba! :)