Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kracie Poppin Cookin

Gday yall. 
I finally got my hands on 2 sets of Kracie Poppin Cooking kit. 
One of them I brought it from Jusco (lucky purchase),
the other one was specially imported from Japan by mah homie, Siti. 
Dear Siti, you know I love you. :)

Kracie Donut kit

I bought this kit from Aeon (Jusco) near my house for RM13.50 per box.

Box (front)

Box (back)


Here we go!

Cutting off the 1st sachet

Pouring ingredients

Done pouring


Done mixing

Our poop-shaped donut

Cut into 4

We use 2 of them to make a donut
Done donut
Same goes to our choc poop

Our diff donuts


Mixing the white icing

And the pink one

Reading to deco our donuts

Black icing squeeze

Done one

Done two

Done three

Putting on the black icing

And some sprinkles

Donut #1

Donut #2

Donut #3

Donut #4

Yey done with our deco

Tasting donuts

It tasted sweet, kinda like an actual donut. :)

Kracie Poppin Cookin Bento Set

This is a special package from Japan by Arina.
You rock girl.

Special panda bento
Box (front)

Box (back)

Unboxing (front)

Unboxing (back)


Ingredients (sorted)

Making the broccoli, egg roll and squid

Finalizing our bento with the panda rice and spaghetti

Arranging our rice, spaghetti, and nugget

Yey done!

It was sweet to the taste, like candy..

But wait, it IS candy! 

My bro and I had a lot of fun doing both of these candy making kit.
Decorating mini sized food bites was more fun than expected, even though it took literally seconds for us to finish eating them.
Dayum, Japanese stuff are so freaking cute!
I wanna go to Japan some day.
Till next time beautiful people.

Signing off

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