Monday, August 25, 2014

Watching JK News - Hater's reactions to cops

I'm a big fan of this channel and I've been watching every video they posted about recent news.
These 2 are the ones that caught my attention.

Both these news are condemnation to the cop's reaction in the US.
One of them tackling the cop who said 'I will fucking kill you' to the media during the Brown protest;
the other one being the cop which shot at a black dude when the guy provoked the cops. 

After I watched their comments, I scrolled down to the much heated comment section to check out on what people are thinking of their opinions. 
It's no surprise that many of them are very much in defense of their own opinion and at the same time, bashing the JK crew for supporting the cops. 

While I'm no fan of rude cruel words and name calling, I do take their point of view into consideration. 
And after looking at it from both sides, I think people have this weakness of having to prove to everyone how 'right' they are. 
For example, some of the commentators (haters included) would be outraged by saying that the cops are killing innocent lives and they are the ones we're supposed to be trusting, but they failed us by having "out of the order" reactions. 
They may be right when they say that, but they (being the haters) forgot to think of things from the cops' point of view. 
I had more affiliation to these news story as I had similar experiences when I was a prefect back in high school. 
We, being the law enforcers, are easily the target to blame when there's a mishap at school. 
Teachers or students alike would probably point to us for any misconduct or mistakes done. 

But I was wondering, how would these people hating on the cops or JK crew react when they are faced with the same situation...
When your life is in danger, would you act / react 'rationally' or would you just do anything to keep yourself safe? 
Let's say, these normal civilians or law enforcers met with these crooks who are perhaps high on drugs or threatening them or heckling them...
Would they had stayed calm and grab a taser when their lives are clearly threatened?
Would they had used civilized words instead of spiking off vulgarities?
I know I wouldn't.
But I know many would say that 'we react this way because we are only normal human beings!'
Yea, say that to the cops with families to take care of and are trying to make ends meet.

Looking back at those cops, I'm not saying that what they did is right or wrong, but I'm saying that I understand where they came from, why would they react this way and their emotions or feelings associated with the public around them. 
It's not easy having to stand and do the 'right' thing. 
Hater's gonna hate.

Till another rant.

Signing off

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