Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chinese New Year Shopping!!! - the alternation

Oh yea, this time, I've done it!
Never in my life had I done things like that...
But I did it!

Online shopping babes!!!

I go for online shopping cause I'm havin exams till 2 weeks prior to CNY.
Which, frankly speaking, was a short period of time to shop.
It gets harder for me to concentrate (not on studies), but on getting the 'best deals',
cause when time is limited, I do stupid purchases.

Last year I was fortunate enough to go to Hatyai for my CNY shopping.
But nevertheless, some of the cloths I bought in Malaysia were pricey'er than normal.
This year, I STRATEGIZE!!
Buying stuff online from Taiwan & Malaysia.
Taiwan: cause I have 2 adorable cousins (K and K) studying there
Malaysia: cause I have a great friend (yes it's you Siti A) who introduced me to fashion houses

Those angles (or devils?) made me lose my mind!
There are so many selections online, it's hard to select which!
And what more, as it is virtual buying, it's harder to determine the size and cutting...

BUT they're CHEAP tho!

I'm currently waiting for my packages to arrive...
*jumps around in glee like an overly excited lil girl*

Note to self: gotto work harder in your workouts. The exams had fried them all.
I was up to day 24 in the 30 days challenge and I ruined it... :(
No worries, I'm joining the new 30 days challenge!!!

RIP dear grandfather you'll always be in our minds, haunt the h*ll out of us & give us luck in toto, exams, 4D and share markets.
We love you. :)

Signing off

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