Thursday, September 5, 2013

My trip to Kuching Sarawak - Day 1

It Was Awesome!
Booked a plane to Kuching half a year ago and am thanking myself for every minute of it!
After going through internships and working my business, it was really refreshing to take some rest from everything.

So my dar n I woke up in the middle of the night to board the all-so-early plane to Kuching...

It was still night time when we flew

First thing we noticed when we were nearing Kuching, Lots Of Rivers!!!
So we were picked up by a fellow friend, and brought to breakfast.

This is something I havent tried, it's a kuih with coconut inside, yum yum!

Had a nice Kolo Mee right at the very first day!
(great recommendation by Aubrey)

Here we are at Kuching's town centre

Had siew mai here
Then we went to our B&B, which was Batu Bata Guesthouse!

I'd say it's a great place to stay at!

Nice ambiance and atmosphere
(Mostly angmos here, I think we are the only Asians around the place)
So we went for some sight seeing

Had Mix Pork Rice for dinner, it was hearty, great taste far from home. 

I actually broke my shoes there, but it was really hard looking for cheap shoes here. 
I'd say the stuff sold here are twice the price of that in Penang, but the souvenirs are really cheap!
I will be going back for more, definitely!

Day 1 end

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Great to breakaway from work and busy life. Charge up yourself and back to U refreshing.