Monday, August 26, 2013

Courage to conduct VS mistake

I've always been someone who knows my weakness
Patience have always been my week spot as I am a fast tempered person. 
Yesterday I've been a bit too harsh or impatient with a fellow friend
I'm still unsure of the outcome but it makes me feel bad 
I will try harder to be more patient to be a better person in life. 

I used to stop presenting because I know I am weak at persuasion.
Because of that I grew heavily dependent on others
But now when I need to do it myself
I face problems keeping cool.
And that's not cool at all.

Thanks for giving me the chance to learn
Thanks for giving me the chance to make a mistake
I believe with every mistake I make, I will comeback stronger

You better watch out. XD
Good morning everyone. 

Signing off,

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