Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Gadget

Yey, bought a new tablet laptop yesterday.
Acer Aspire P3.
So far I am quite satisfied with the performance.
M actually writing this blogpost with it now. XD

I've always wanted to buy  tablet laptop.
My requirements are simple:

  • Tablet with Window 8 (not with the RT bullshyt...)
  • Usable keyboard (the soft touch with surface is not to my liking)
  • Intel I3 and above (not Intel Atom, which I feel is not enough for my usage)
  • Simple and easy to use
And that's about it. 
But with these simple requirement, it's surprisingly hard to find a suitable tablet laptop with an affordable price.
Anyways, glad I got this from PC fair. 
And m satisfied. :)

Singing Off

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