Sunday, February 24, 2013

Post-1st week-feelings

It's the end of the first week in my 2nd sem of my 2nd year in uni.
How time flies...

Well, I'd say I am now better prepared and in a better shape to go for our new tasks and challenges.
Life is a neverending journey.
I choose mine to be filled with opportunities and fun!
I had:
- Entered all my classes of my registered course and I found out that it's gonna be so interesting this sem
- Challenged myself to complete my assigned task
- Completed a series of aerobics, healthy lifestyle
- Learn more by reading, listening and more.

I am gonna try my best to work towards my dream.
Yes guys, I have one now. LOL
I think the saddest part of living in a above average family is that we are SATISFIED with our life.
Which is good but it takes the driving force away from you.
How many of your parents told you to study hard, go to college/uni and get a good job?
Yea.... Typical aint it...

For those who wanna try to experience a new life, you can comment and tell me why.
Maybe I can share with you some of my experience? XD


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