Wednesday, February 6, 2013


What I like about gatherings is that we can meet up with some friends and we sit, talk, laugh and chillax.
What I don't like about gatherings is when we meet up with friends, we might or might not have the same beat/frequency we used to have.
But all in all, I love 'em.

When you reminisce old times and compare them with now, you see the difference in your friends and in yourself.
You'll realize that all of the changes are processes of growing up.
Sometimes, people grow up with different rate; and sometimes, they grow up in an entirely different direction.

My dar told me, it is perfectly normal to find friends not as close to you as they were before.
Well, I guess you just have to let things run its course.
Even so, I would still like all my friends to know, I enjoyed those little moments of my life spent with each and everyone of you, and I continue to do so even though we might not be the same person we were before.

Life is beautiful, and I'm glad I gotto spend parts of mine with you.
Thanks guys, for the goods and bads we've been through, for the happy and sad we encountered, and for better or worst we might have to face in the future.
LOL, I know I sound like I'm getting married or something.
Well don't you guys worry, if I'm engaged, I will invite you guys to my wedding.

Cheers yall, may 2013 rock! (I know we are already in Feb of our calenders, but I say this because CNY is just around the corner... It's a new year for us. XD)
蛇 you guys soon!



exodus_tk said...

Life is beautiful
Don't copy my quote!

Just Cool Gal said...

Haha, will this be better?
Life is beautiful (tong kiang, 2011)