Monday, February 28, 2011


So there's a reason they said naza is a comfortable car!
Perfectly fitted and max comfort!
Huh, the view aint that good though...
And the smell too...


Friday, February 25, 2011


We got our STPM results
Feeling quite okay,
at least am satisfied...
Time to go for the next step
Still in consideration,
courses to apply...
Uni to choose from...
Well, i gotto be resourceful i guess
I went to see my counselor
Online searching helps too...
Preparing lor, mentally mostly
Erm, I guess i gotto get use to things,
like taking a step forward
and keep moving on
For a better future?
I wanna find my aim in life too
So i could be a better person!
So I could die peacefully?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Instant Noodles!

I had a lecture from my close buddy
It's bout instant noodles
*Ta Ta Ta*
(bad bad sound)
I had a confession to make
I am...
I am addicted to instant noodles...
I said it.

Instant noodles
Maggi Mee。Indo Mee。Har Mee。Cintan Mee。Korean Mee。Cup Mee。Udon Mee。Shin Ramyun。A1 Bak Kut Teh Mee。 Mee Sedap。Mamee。Got Mee。No Mee。Malaysia Mee。Chinese Mee。Indian Mee。Malay Mee
(getting kindda racist here)
Curry。Tomyam。Chicken。No Chicken。Spicy。Not Spicy。Goreng。Dry。Wet。Hokkien。Hakka。Yummy。Not Yummy。Eatable。Non Eatable
(list goes on.......)
I was crowned the king of mee when i was young
面王 they said
And so it goes
The story of a sad king
The habit followed me through my teenage life
Worsen when exams come
I was using instant noodles to relieve my stress!
I could eat mee as lunch for 3 days consecutive and not feel disgusted about it.
But I do feel guilty
VERY guilty
It's like committing suicide in slow motion
Hmm, maybe it ain't that good.....
(Really, it's not good!)

I have friends around me
Loads of Lovely friend who cared
They all told me the same thing
#%^&@, eat lah! You are killing yourself!
YS even told me the benefits of eating noodles!
1. Max hair loss, max breeze
2. Max toxic, people can still see you after you've been dead for a few year
Huh, historic much?
Well, I've been trying my best to minimize my urge to eat
And so, I wrote a poem! XD
To my dear instant mee
You lust me into my tummy
Into my soul
Never had I've been so addicted
Never had I been told
The taste of gold
And the taste of poison
All mix around
To get packets dozen
One into me
Then come two
Then of course three, four
And more
It'd been to be or not to be
Always taste sweet...
So that was it!
Now I only eat instant noodles once in a blue moon
well, maybe in some yellow moons too
but that's not the point
I want to take care of myself
I am a BIG GIRL!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Learning Hakka

(whuut? she is blogging about this in V-day?)
Yes sure!
You had any problem with that?
So yea, I am a Hakka
But the problem is
I don't know Hakka

The other day my grandparents came to my house
I wanted to entertain them
So we chit-chatted
My grandpa was like "you hakka you donno hakka?"
I was like smiling shyly and twisting my body around
huh, I haven't given that thought as much as a consideration
So I decided to ask him to teach us Hakka!

He started by @#$&*^%$@%^&
And I was like WHUUUT did he say?
Martian or something?
He chuckled ( sad huh) and decided to go slow with me.
We started by numbers.
Yit Nyi Sam Si Mm
Luk Qik Bat Qiu Sip
So far so good!
Then we went to person's point of view
Me - ngai
You - Nyi
He/She - Qi
(Note, the pronunciation are starting to repeat here)
So after a few more sessions,
I am dead beat!
I laughed non-stop when my cousin Kathy
told me the way of pronouncing some words..
I thought it sounded vulgar!

It was a great day and
I've learnt a lot as I laughed as much
But this makes me wonder
How long can our mother tongue last in this modern era?
Everyone's learning those so called 'savvy language'
And many had ignored their mother tongue
Should this be an issue?
Is it important for us to learn and to commute with it?
Or should main languages be dominating?
Hmm, question marks....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teaching after thought - What I DON'T LIKE

Let's do something different!
Let me babble!
You know what i DON'T LIKE?
I DON'T LIKE teachers who look down on people
I DON'T LIKE not giving a student a chance
I DON'T LIKE that only those who are good gets the attention
Can it be said that someone is doomed when their results stinks?

I do believe
That there are not 'bad' students, only 'lazy' ones
It's the same everywhere
Teachers despise their students if they are behaving or performing badly
Well, I myself do so unintentionally
But my point is
There must be a balance
Sure maybe this student is not good in this particular subject
But what about other subjects?
I think we should see more of people's good points
Give them the motivation and support
Polish up their weaker subjects
Shouldn't things be like that?

I had a teacher I truly respect
He gives us the confidence before heading into the examination hall
This is like fulfilling a teacher's job description
A teacher's job is to teach
And it is the student's job to excel
I know some of the teachers wanted to help the student
But is this the effective way?

This is just an after thought of teaching
Sometimes we see a lot through learning
and we see more through teaching
Life is always full of question marks
The only way to find out
Is by questioning and reasoning
I've learnt a bit today
Had you?


Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY after thought

This photo was taken during CNY
I have a lot of thought lately
It's like something in me snapped
Brings so many to us
I had learnt
The grown up world is so different
and yet so similar to ours
It's like something is waiting for us to explore
But no matter where we are
We will have family and friends to support us through
Treasure the things we have
And we surely do see a different side of things

Haven't blog for too long. =(

oh no
I've been so busy I haven't blogged for some time
But good thing is,
new photos coming...
CNY and all
Season greetings with
what-so-ever thing they say