Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Instant Noodles!

I had a lecture from my close buddy
It's bout instant noodles
*Ta Ta Ta*
(bad bad sound)
I had a confession to make
I am...
I am addicted to instant noodles...
I said it.

Instant noodles
Maggi Mee。Indo Mee。Har Mee。Cintan Mee。Korean Mee。Cup Mee。Udon Mee。Shin Ramyun。A1 Bak Kut Teh Mee。 Mee Sedap。Mamee。Got Mee。No Mee。Malaysia Mee。Chinese Mee。Indian Mee。Malay Mee
(getting kindda racist here)
Curry。Tomyam。Chicken。No Chicken。Spicy。Not Spicy。Goreng。Dry。Wet。Hokkien。Hakka。Yummy。Not Yummy。Eatable。Non Eatable
(list goes on.......)
I was crowned the king of mee when i was young
面王 they said
And so it goes
The story of a sad king
The habit followed me through my teenage life
Worsen when exams come
I was using instant noodles to relieve my stress!
I could eat mee as lunch for 3 days consecutive and not feel disgusted about it.
But I do feel guilty
VERY guilty
It's like committing suicide in slow motion
Hmm, maybe it ain't that good.....
(Really, it's not good!)

I have friends around me
Loads of Lovely friend who cared
They all told me the same thing
#%^&@, eat lah! You are killing yourself!
YS even told me the benefits of eating noodles!
1. Max hair loss, max breeze
2. Max toxic, people can still see you after you've been dead for a few year
Huh, historic much?
Well, I've been trying my best to minimize my urge to eat
And so, I wrote a poem! XD
To my dear instant mee
You lust me into my tummy
Into my soul
Never had I've been so addicted
Never had I been told
The taste of gold
And the taste of poison
All mix around
To get packets dozen
One into me
Then come two
Then of course three, four
And more
It'd been to be or not to be
Always taste sweet...
So that was it!
Now I only eat instant noodles once in a blue moon
well, maybe in some yellow moons too
but that's not the point
I want to take care of myself
I am a BIG GIRL!


zHiYiNg*.. said...

you know what..

im eating!


Just Cool Gal said...

hahaha~ not good d lu~ better not, altho i am also struggling to NOT eat... XD