Sunday, February 13, 2011

Learning Hakka

(whuut? she is blogging about this in V-day?)
Yes sure!
You had any problem with that?
So yea, I am a Hakka
But the problem is
I don't know Hakka

The other day my grandparents came to my house
I wanted to entertain them
So we chit-chatted
My grandpa was like "you hakka you donno hakka?"
I was like smiling shyly and twisting my body around
huh, I haven't given that thought as much as a consideration
So I decided to ask him to teach us Hakka!

He started by @#$&*^%$@%^&
And I was like WHUUUT did he say?
Martian or something?
He chuckled ( sad huh) and decided to go slow with me.
We started by numbers.
Yit Nyi Sam Si Mm
Luk Qik Bat Qiu Sip
So far so good!
Then we went to person's point of view
Me - ngai
You - Nyi
He/She - Qi
(Note, the pronunciation are starting to repeat here)
So after a few more sessions,
I am dead beat!
I laughed non-stop when my cousin Kathy
told me the way of pronouncing some words..
I thought it sounded vulgar!

It was a great day and
I've learnt a lot as I laughed as much
But this makes me wonder
How long can our mother tongue last in this modern era?
Everyone's learning those so called 'savvy language'
And many had ignored their mother tongue
Should this be an issue?
Is it important for us to learn and to commute with it?
Or should main languages be dominating?
Hmm, question marks....


Ruilynn. said...

Ngai oi ngi :D

Just Cool Gal said...

i have no idea what u just said! but, cool! XD

Ruilynn. said...

Ngai oit ngi - i love you! XD

my dad very keng in hakka XD

Just Cool Gal said...

OH I SEE! wahaha, learn something new again. hehe. whoa! u hakka nyin too? hehe.

Ruilynn. said...

answer to ur question : Yes, it can survive, people need a new language that people doesnt know, to bitch of someone infront of someone. :P LOL

Just Cool Gal said...

hahaha! good point! lolz~! the goodness of being multilingual! ahhh~ beautiful. XD

exodus_zt said...

ngi e sifood han tai!

Just Cool Gal said...

my seafood?? hantai is? aiyo~~~ sounds like hentai nia. tsk tsk