Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teaching after thought - What I DON'T LIKE

Let's do something different!
Let me babble!
You know what i DON'T LIKE?
I DON'T LIKE teachers who look down on people
I DON'T LIKE not giving a student a chance
I DON'T LIKE that only those who are good gets the attention
Can it be said that someone is doomed when their results stinks?

I do believe
That there are not 'bad' students, only 'lazy' ones
It's the same everywhere
Teachers despise their students if they are behaving or performing badly
Well, I myself do so unintentionally
But my point is
There must be a balance
Sure maybe this student is not good in this particular subject
But what about other subjects?
I think we should see more of people's good points
Give them the motivation and support
Polish up their weaker subjects
Shouldn't things be like that?

I had a teacher I truly respect
He gives us the confidence before heading into the examination hall
This is like fulfilling a teacher's job description
A teacher's job is to teach
And it is the student's job to excel
I know some of the teachers wanted to help the student
But is this the effective way?

This is just an after thought of teaching
Sometimes we see a lot through learning
and we see more through teaching
Life is always full of question marks
The only way to find out
Is by questioning and reasoning
I've learnt a bit today
Had you?



Ruilynn. said...

have the same feeling XD

Just Cool Gal said...

amber! ahh yes. i feel bad for those students. even though i was a student liddat before. haha. would not want them to feel what i feel. =(