Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stop living a satisfactory life!

WHY? Well let me tell you a story....

Back when I was young, my mom once told me =successful people emerge from mistakes and failures= Then I remember the stories about Einstein, Beethoven, Da Vinci, Stephen Hawkins... All of them must be from poor families or they have disorders! Being the cute girl I am, I wonder... Would I have to go through all these hardship to get success too? How will I create my own misery to overcome? (Awww, I was so naive.. XD)

Well, as I grow up, I realize facing problems aren't a piece of cake. You don't just triumph from something bad, things don't just go the way you planned it. I do have my own list of failures. (mourn, mourn for me BOO) But things were easy going for me. No life threatening dramas, no wailing and crying my eye balls off, no 'sky is falling' stuff for me. My life is simple and to my satisfaction. Nothing wrong right?

WRONG! It is because I am satisfied with my life, that's the root of the problem! We live our life to perfect ourself, may it be materially, physically, mentally or spiritually. And I am stopping... I forget about my aim in life, my purpose. My life drifted away to the satisfaction. Had that ever happen to you?

So I was reading a book by 戴晨志, the famous Taiwanese lecturer which specializes in giving motivation. He said something about 成功来自渴望. Success came from the thirst, thirst as in wanting more in life, not satisfied by your life now. It's a nice quote to think about. Even when we are old, days might not be meaningless. Look at Morrie (from Tuesdays with Morrie), he found his new born strength when he was DYING! That, is motivation!

This is him here, 戴晨志

Friends, are you living comfortable? Are you satisfied with your current life? Are you stopping? Well, you better not! Cause you will NEVER know what life had install for you. Just remember, to KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

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ken said...

yeap i agree.. motivations and inspirations keep us moving forward, achieving things that we wouldnt expect at all.. :)