Friday, May 6, 2011

Calling all sisters!

By sisters i mean real sisters
Those with annoying younger brothers and sisters
Not those who are girly friends and wanted to have an external family tree
I am a sister
A big sister
An elder sister
I have 2 brothers
V n L
V is 3 years younger than me
L 11

Sisterly duty:
#1 To always be available
-to them when they want to annoy you
and your mom, when she needs to complain bout them-

#2 To be the 'dai lou' of the house
-Yell around like you are the boss, then do the housework yourself
cause brothers/sisters will never do it-

#3 To listen
-Many of us fail this part, but it is important to listen to what they have to say
cause you are the one they find comfort in confiding, USUALLY-

#4 To help
-Help in relationships, help in school work, help in copying their school work etc etc-

#5 To play & have fun with them
-I love playing wrestling with L, which I ended up losing

#6 To argue and fight
-It's healthy to do so, like fighting for the last piece of chocolate,
I mean, it's the only way you would get it, right?-

#7 To finish up their stuff
-It happens when you have a brother 11 years younger than you,
you have to finish their food, which is 'protected' by a slimy layer of saliva-

#8 To love them and cherish them always
-Some of you may not know, brothers and sisters
they look up to you, even in your worst days...
When you cry, they silently grab a bunch of tissue and throw them at you
When you are moody, they might argue with you,
then they would tell others you are having a bad day
When you are lonely, they do stupid things to cheer you up,
such as singing songs so loud you swear the doors and windows are gonna blow off-

They might worry you
They might be feisty
They might even piss you off real bad
But they are family
And family sticks
Stuck like glue
I love both my brothers
Deep from the heart

=Seperti air yang dicincang, tidak akan putus=
wahahaha, i still remember this from form 4's BM

PS, anymore sisterly duty you might add??


【Huiyin】 said...

hahahaha.. nice one~ but why suddenly came up with this post?

Just Cool Gal said...

cuz my mom's been nagging me bout my bro tadi. so an inspiration struct. XD

Christopher Valentine said...

It is struck.... hehe

Just Cool Gal said...

haha, chris, it's the song leh. stuck like glue.... XD