Monday, March 14, 2011

A teacher's satisfaction.

So what is your definition of teacher's satisfaction?
All As from the students?
Improvement from the last test?
For me
I gotto say is
When my student remembers a lesson
I had some talk with 1 of my student today
He's name is Daniel
A Malay kid
He learns Chinese
And today he was drawing on the board
I turn my head to see him drawing the lame drawings I drew to help him read Chinese
I was like,
Hey this kid had a good memory
Then i challenged him to repeat what I told him the first day he came to for tuition here
He can actually write out a few of the words!
It's so cool~
Well, he is cool~
So today
I had my greatest satisfaction.
Not results
Not improvement
But respect and the hard work a student put to learn
That's satisfaction.

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