Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bored Empty...

"What to do when you are bored?"
I am totally sure that is the thing you would type into the google search engine when it happens
Well, at least I do
And then the "refreshing facebook home page" thing
It's fun when you see your post move down inch by inch
Great past time!

So I've unemployed myself and..
I'm like the kept woman now

Spending my days with my loved ones
-TV and PC non stop alternately-
Fulfilling my motherly duty
-nagging my mom to write her blog and change a hairstyle-
Doing things in my to-do list
-sleep like nobody's business-

After finishing my task
I felt empty...
My head is like an empty sardin tin
If you hit it it would be like 'kong kong kong'

Well, as the saying goes
life is a bullshit
Maybe I should get myself a job soon?

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