Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rants on Life - Emotions

It's a sunday!
Life is beautiful.
I went swimming yesterday
and boy was it F-U-N!!!
It's nice having a day off from the work and stuff.
I am planning a trip!
To the nearby beaches.
Ahh, the sun
the wind
the sea breeze
I could just feel it!
Enough bout me
Today I wanna talk about feelings
I've been reading Tuesday with Morrie
And I get most of the stuff
Like the 'dying' part
and the 'living' one too
It's just
something we must bare with
Emotions I mean
I remember Morrie said something like that
You must understand dying in order to live
It's the same as we must understand true sadness
to be able to treasure happiness!
We live in a community which forces us to excel
I mean it's a good thing
Until somebody goes to the extreme
Say making money
Yes, it's good it's healthy
Then some b*stard starts stealing to gain easy money
Now relate this to our emotions
How would we feel?
What do we do?
We started to lose our aim
Our dreams?
Our love?
Byebye-ed into the dump
Because we feel that there is no need for EMOTIONS
No need for FEELINGS
Life is just dull as days past
Ahh Mr. Shakespeare
He outdid us by writing life brief candle
"Tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow...."
So I say
People lose perspective
People lose emotions
People lose touch
It's sad what's the world become
Even sadder when we notice the feeble efforts made to cure it
No we can't live like life's simple and shit
No we can't make do without money
No we've got to be practical
And there goes the sarcastism
(mind you did i spell the word right?)

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