Friday, June 11, 2010

Holiday Updates #3/3

There are so many changes lately...
For one, I'm having load of dance practice!
Hehe. Saving it for the real thing. Be patient guys. ^^
Then there's the music practices.
My instrument! It's the best we've got. Maybe not as good as my electone, but it'll work.
My other instrument! O' fashion piano! Sounds soso nia lor... Haha~
We had a drummer! Mr boon jeok. Dnno spell his name right not. Hehe.
He is real awesome!
The flute-er! XD Woen Yi did a great job for her solo part! ^^
All of us at practice (I'm slacking off obviously, to take photo mar! XD)
Hui Jing is in the middle, she is the 'founder' of all this!
Paid a hard work for it too!
Now, surrounding!
We practice in the music hall, cool place!
It's only the second time I've been there.
(1st time lead in by Yit Ming jie jie, i will never forget it) ^^
Forgive me for my camera.. Bit Blur...
It's kindda messy around. Piles of musical instruments and... stuff....
I wonder if i can make a statement that musicians are messy creatures... Haha.
Big Drum. XD
Where we are. ^^ (again, messy...)
Cellos and violins. Actually, they are real big in size ya noe!
Have a close-up!
See? Real thick the string too!
Gosh, if it were to be played like a guitar...
I don't think even our hands can hold up for long....
Then there's this weird thing...
Boon jeok told me it's a 金鸡.
I have totally no idea what he meant, until my curiosity gets the better of me.
There, a chicken headed harp. Real nice stuff the Chinese invented! XD
Cheap yet presentable! Haha. No insults intended.

So this kindda sums up my whole holiday, except for the dancing part. Hehe.
It'll be so for now.
Hope we can perform real great at the concert!
Fingers crossed!
--Just me!--


pinky0angel said...

long time din go inside there ad
dunnoe whether i still can go in

Just Cool Gal said...

come back form6! thn u sure cn go in liao... XD

pinky0angel said...

dun hope to back to form6
here gt mani sad memories ... said...

if possible, record down, it shd be good for memory collection.

*敏* said...

haha...hey i hv forgotten jor i took u inside.....XP
whr gt blur blur la....u captured nice pics!! ^^

Just Cool Gal said...

peiwen, thn wish u good luck bah, work harder in ur exams! XD
mommy, i wanna videotape the whole performance liao... haha~
yitming jie jie, sure! i will oways rmb that day... XDXD yeah! thx thx!!