Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog post update #1/3 Jowyn birthday!!

This is she, the birthday gurl!
We celebrated her birdday(whoops, wrong spelling) in Autocity. 2 stations, Sakae and Bed.
Pre-bday surprise presents!
Sneak peaks! Presents courtesy from Huiqu and LeeYee..
OOps,What is THAT? XD
We meet up with this two COUPLE(as in a pair)in Sakae!
She rips the present and poof!
Mind you, she is so totally SHOCKED by our presents!
Aww... Real sweet, and domestic... Haha~
Look at her expression! XDXD
Course I'm there, standing by to take all those pictures.
Picture of my HP in my ass by Huiqu...
Nice camera she got there...
AHHHH yes, Foodssss!
Yummy seafood stuff. But it's ordered by Jowyn and Huiqu, i have no idea what that is. Kindda like seafood stuff... ^^

Close up UP UP
This is mine! Japanese curry with rice! Yummy! But a bit salty.. ><
This is my first cocktail....OF the day... Haha~
After dinner, Huiqu is doing weird yoga with her camera...
The results:
Four of us from Huiqu's angle.
There's me and my HP. P/S, look at the bracelet...
I tied a shoelace on my wrist and wore a nice dangling one my mom gave me. Cool rite? XD
So..... That's us! Dun mind the chopstick. It's just Jowyn playing around.
There we are! All 6 of us!
An outside view from inside. Haha~
Jowyn ordered a LONG cocktail for us.
While we were waiting, I took a few snapshots of the lenglui opposite me. LeeYee!
She had the nicest smile!
Guess we were kindda bored. So Jowyn bullied Sze Yah and Pei Ling... Poor gals...
Huiqu's just sitting around, waiting for her poor camera to be recharged. (Her camera battery died half way in Sakae)
Then there's a friendly call from Jane. ^^
There's me there. ^^
Here it comes! The LONG cocktail... It was........
This HUGE!
Me having a taste. Emm, it tasted like cough mixture, add some sugar and red wine. Haha.
Then, everything was a blurrrrrr....

And Huiqu took her charged camera out...

She had the weirdest post d...

Playing around with her flashes... XD
Pei Ling finishing the WHOLE BOWL of cocktail! Huhu!
In the end, we were NOT drunk, just a little TIRED.
And Jowyn spilled some cocktail....

Haha~ There we are! Such a wonderful night!
Signing off, Just me!


【Huiyin】 said...

hahahaha.. IMAGE SPOILED! whenever 5s3 members gather.. xD no matter when and where we are.. LOLLLLL...

Just Cool Gal said...

hahaha~ i so agree with u! XDXD come back ar, thn we gather with thm agn sometime! XD