Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family TripSS! -The journey-

Where to?
KL and Genting!
Was it fun?
Sure lah!
Did you enjoy?
Yea, except the part where i have to miss prefect camp
(seriously, it's the first time i missed prefect camp, EVER!)
OKOK, let my pictures talk.
ME! Prepping!
My outfit of the day! I look good don't I?
Yea! Lovin it! ^^
Check list!
Full load of food supplies!
N my fav travel companion
(cousin Karen's present-love it-)
And we're off!
Bro L havin some shut eye.
It took sometime for us to realize there was no music playing in his headset... XD
The long road..........
Bro V peace-ing...
And me? Sleepzzzzz....
(don't mind my pimples!)
-ignore ignore ignore-
There's nothing much on the road to see...
Oh Look! A signboard!!!
Rest stop...
Stairs stairs stairs...
Daddy looking around...
Me camwhore-ing agn...
XD just acting cute lah~
mommy going back...
stairs stairs stairs agn....
Our transport! and FYI, after tis rest stop, I gotto drive!
Our lunch!
Poor thing, i didn't got the chance to take the whole piece b4 it was being sabotaged...
Finally! Cities!
Here we are, Kuala Lumpur!
We were travelling on signboard die-rections..
Did u see that Woody on the building?
I thought it was kindda cool~ XD
Tis was actually a temple. Mosque to be exact.
KL snapshots!
It's just different being in the big city...
Where you look so small~
Ahh~ traffic.....
See? Ang mo infested lah~
Here we are! Hotel Alpha Genesis!
It's my stay for the night!
Quite big also. It's a 3 star hotel.
The window.
What? i was bored ok?
Waiting for check-ins was dull, so i went to look around.
This is a whole rack of articles saying how attractive Msia is to the tourist...
Weird vase for display...
Ad cards. It's kindda amazing people invent this things to gain weight in your pockets...
Me agn! Tis was actually the door of the lift.
Shinny no? XD
See? the lift needed the hotel card to enter! It's was chio!
It has a TV~
A drawer.
(don't mind L, he is a kid ya noe. Kids play the locking machine wan...)
A weird shaped sofa which was suppose to look classy
And a not bad view!
(i've ady zoom out the not-so-interesting bit)
EIER.......... What's that? XD
My kakak enjoying the view...
Me! in bed... super relaxed!
Yea~ XD
My stinky leg in front of the KL view...
(in my defense, i was joking bout the stinky part)

L is bullied by V.
It's a shower cap in his face... Hehe~
Me in toilet... Pangjio? Pangsai? Haha~
So there it is!
Planning for our nex destination.
We're travelling by LRT mind you, it's nerve breaking job cause KL didn't have only 1 LRT stations, they hav several.
We had to find the right stations to go round KL.
Tsk Tsk~
I will update my KL trip (or more specifically, KLCC trip) soon!
Stay tooned!
(hey, it rhymes...)
Signing off!
Just me!

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