Saturday, July 4, 2009

Me and My Superwoman

Tale as old as time…. It was a bad sign for boys to find a gal whose daily planner was thicker and more packed then theirs. I kindda agree, but… sadly, I’m that busy type of gal. Nowadays, we talk about equity among sexes and fairness… (blah blah blah) Gals were required to multitask like men, some even did it better than those big muscular chunks. Then the time comes when gals are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay busier then the menfolk. So it was that typical drama scene: men reach home earlier than woman, cooked their dinners and it was the woman’s turn to shout “Honey, I’m home!! Why did this so-call-busy lady write so much of a bull? I’m getting to it… Actually, this was kind of an explanation-apology stuff. It happened to me so many times I can’t keep count. I find things hard sometimes, to do so many and yet not neglecting the ones closest to you. To finish that horrendously long job list, task 1. To entertain and smile all the way till your cheekbones crack, task 2. To be sensible, AT ALL TIMES, task 3. To care for the ones most important to you, it’s not a task, but I would like to mention it also as I will do it most willingly if I was given the time. But my ‘dear’ math homework and my bio ‘boyfriend’ wouldn’t let me go. TT When we come to this stage, we start to rehearse Shakespeare’s poems and so on… To be or not to be… Tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow… HeHe. But ladies, a little piece of advice, let yourself go once in a while, relax, have fun. I am sure, things will be just fine… It always will be.

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