Saturday, July 18, 2009

3xam W33k....

Here we go again, as oways... Exam..... The mere word gives me the shivers.. I really do believe I can score this time, but after i had my chemistry exam (which by the way, my hand nervously shaking the whole time), i started being philosophical. Why must we exam? Why do we live to exam? Why must we torture ourselves to attain something which is quite meaningless in the future... XDXD Nah, i was just kindda falling apart...
Just a few important dates to take note here:
1-8-2009 Hari keluarga, which no keluarga is included; we are having merentas desa, which i wil be at duty... zzz
3-8-2009 Caring week... plz start caring sm1 that week...
9-8-2009 Peace run... peace yoh!
27-8-2009 INTI sand castle building d.... go ply sand... hehe.

That's all ya... 报告完毕,谢谢大家. XD

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