Monday, July 27, 2009

Chicky Facts

Fact #1: They are cute, cuddly (not very accurate… Hmmm) and nice to see (back to cute again! ^^)

Fact #2: They sometimes do stink, better change their litter box frequently…

Fact #3: They wake you up in the morning and ensure that you keep awake the rest of the day…

Fact #4: They are eat-everything-vore. ( mixture of carnivore and herbivore)

Fact #5: They sand bath to clean themselves and rid themselves of bacteria and harmful microorganism.

Here are some more information about sand bathing (taken today to date, so cute!!!! XD)

Just look at them, aren't they just angels? XD See the 鸡婆母鸡 so kacau... Then the 公鸡 was labelled as 白马王子 because of it's colour. ^^

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