Thursday, August 25, 2016

My First MRE

After binge watching MRE videos on YouTube, I made the crazy decision to purchase MREs.
At first, I wanted to buy local Malaysian MREs, but after consulting my Police friend (you know who you are hehehe), I've decided against it.
Reason being, it is more like a nasi lemak wrapped up, and the shelf life is waaaay too short (around 6 mths)
So I imported Chinese Ration MRE from TaoBao.

The package arrived today!!

Just look at how gorgeous this it...
It even came with a multipurpose knife.

Quick info:

  • MRE = Meal Ready-to-Eat
  • First used in US military
  • Can be used during camping trips
  • Recent MREs include flameless heat packs
  • For the Chinese MRE that I have, it has a shelf life of 36 mths (3 years)

Watch my unboxing/taste testing video here.

Needless to say, a nice and delicious experience.
My two cents, I think this Chinese Ration is either a 2 person pack or it can last you for 2 meals.
We finished ours during dinner.

Till next time people!

Signing off

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