Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Belated Krabi Trip post

After 1000000 years, I finally got my hands on this awesome Krabi video taken by Arina! 
Yey! (credits n love)
This video is one of my fav as it captures that do or die moment when we decided to jump into the open sea without any life jacket on. 
Mind you, this sea is approx 10m deep, beautiful place for snorkeling and diving. 
---worth every single penny---

Anyways, these are some snippets from our beautiful trip

A view from where we're staying, cozy lil place near the beach

Mah 2 homies, love you guys for organizing the awesome trip

Mah b*tch, love you to bits dar. :)

Aww, such a lovely room for us


Out for dinner, bikini on, ready for anything!

Aint he puffy

Love birds

Walkin together at this serene beach


Met our fello kraktoei waiter at a bar, she was super nice to us

Even let us took a photo with her like this!

Early breakfast raid from 711

So we went to this jungle pool

With the most amazing view!

Look at these 2 guys chillin

She's taller than I remembered

Yey selfie

Looks like someone's dead

My hair got caught in my eye in this pic

But I love this one, it's called sharing oxygen... :P

Elephant riding fun

Can't believe how high it is from this view

Arina's hair gone after our previous swim = lion's mane

My hair's not doing so well either = rawr

3rd day we went to 4 islands

We're standing in front of the boat, where the sun is 1 million degrees

But the view's nice tho

Water as clear as crystal

Swimming at the James Bond island Maya Bay *thumbs up*

Up on the boat again visiting the 2nd island

Then we were brought to this awesome place, and we jumped off the boat...
Into the big blue ocean!

It was the most amazing experience ever

I feel like the whole world is a different place...

Friends, fun, freedom.....

Koh phi-phi island for lunch

And a quick dip

Ben's hand's like, look at the view there!
Hence with that finger, ends our boat trips to the 4 islands.

During that evening, we met a bunch of kraktoei scammers. 
I was shocked when they demanded money from us for taking photos with them.
Luckily the rain came and they went away, but we did gave them some cash tho. 

Heartfelt dinner

The day we leave Krabi

Hell yea, went home with mah nails done and a new tiny bag pack!

All in all, it was definitely worth it.
Even the 8 hours van ride there was no biggie as compared to what I've experienced.
So... Where to go next? 

Signing off

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Changed Interface!

Finally it's done!
Even tho I spend a hour and a bit more on this rather than doing work, I'm so totally proud of it.
Made myself a Big A$$ Banner!

Have a great day beautiful people!

Signing off,

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Juggling Jobs

Someday, I'm going to
- Change my blog's interface
- Tidy up my room and do a makeover
- Spend more time with my family and grandparents
- Spend more time with my dar and his family
- Do some necessary planning for my future trips
- Do some necessary planning for my $$

What's stopping me then?
I'm into freelancing, which meant I am currently juggling between a few jobs.
Little did I know, freelancing is more tiring than I thought.
I was snatched up right after my finals.
And I was busy since then.
Haven't been able to watch a movie or switch myself off in total dummy mode since.
However, I do feel that it is rewarding in a way.
I've got to experience the goods and bads freelancing to it's fullest, from the comfort of my home too!
And, I still have some time to catch a quick break with my friends, several gatherings here and there.
Imma lucky b*tch, I know. *insert smirk*

So this is what I do when I need to relax, flaring my nostrils at people watching my videos.
This is specially for you dar. :)

Have a nice day pepo!

Signing off