Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Juggling Jobs

Someday, I'm going to
- Change my blog's interface
- Tidy up my room and do a makeover
- Spend more time with my family and grandparents
- Spend more time with my dar and his family
- Do some necessary planning for my future trips
- Do some necessary planning for my $$

What's stopping me then?
I'm into freelancing, which meant I am currently juggling between a few jobs.
Little did I know, freelancing is more tiring than I thought.
I was snatched up right after my finals.
And I was busy since then.
Haven't been able to watch a movie or switch myself off in total dummy mode since.
However, I do feel that it is rewarding in a way.
I've got to experience the goods and bads freelancing to it's fullest, from the comfort of my home too!
And, I still have some time to catch a quick break with my friends, several gatherings here and there.
Imma lucky b*tch, I know. *insert smirk*

So this is what I do when I need to relax, flaring my nostrils at people watching my videos.
This is specially for you dar. :)

Have a nice day pepo!

Signing off

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