Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Change is coming!

I know the next post should be my trip to Swak day 3, but I am having some stressful days.
I feel that I have so many to do, but I don't know where to start.
Update: New sem had started, more work to come, more network to build.
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going right?

I believe I can do it.
It's only a matter of time before I can grow up n lead the life I want.
I am so sure that I will & can achieve my goals.
I need to success.
I need to be better.
I want it so badly it makes me stress, but in a good way.

I hope God (whichever religion you may be from) can give me the strength,
the strength to carry on,
the strength to work harder,
the strength to make things just work!

It's not hard, but it's not easy.
I will find my way, and when I do, nobody's going to stop me.
I am a warrior,
I can do it,
I will achieve it!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Trip to Kuching Sarawak - Day 2

Day 2 is when the adventure really begin, where Sheng & I traveled to Santubong for Sarawak Cultural Village & Permai Rainforest Resort

We started our day off with yummy food!
Pork Porridge with You Char Koay

and Sarawak Laksa!
(it does taste as good as it looks)

I've notice that the taogeh there is longer than what we are accustomed to in PG

OOTD - haha..

First stop: Sarawak Cultural Village!

BTW, it is also the place for the rainforest world music festival
where people from all over the world come together to make music!



There are a total of 7 types of houses available there:
Cina, Melayu, Melanau, Orang Ulu, Iban, Penan and Bidayuh


Rumah Cina is our first stop, mainly it is similar to our ancestor's house, very nice decoration tho
We learn how they pick and process pepper and birds nest

Then we went to Rumah Melayu, with traditional Malay song playing at the background

Rumah Melanau was REALLY HIGH

Most of the house is connected by wooden stairs like this.
The stepping area is really small, so we have to be really careful when walking.

Imagine, the handles are only built for tourist, in real Melanau or other tribe's house they don't have railings to support them, people would just walk up that piece of log!

We then went to the Panggung Budaya to enjoy the performance.

The performance was really entertaining & informative.
Different tribes were introduced through traditional dances.
There's even handsome Orang Ulus entertaining us with their funny stunts and audience participation!
A definite Must-See!

We continued to Rumah Orang Ulu, where one of the friendly Orang Ulu showed us how they make Parang for the HeadHunters.
Scary, but fun!

Walking along the bamboo bridge

Rumah Iban and Bidayuh is longer and much stable cause they would usually stay longer, up to months before they move. 

Traditional paintings outside of the house

This would make a great profile pic right? XD

We finished off Penan in a rush as it was getting hot.
Then we walked to our resting place for the night, Permai Rainforest Resort!!!

We are sweating and tired when we arrived there. 
But excited as this is the place where many netizens had recommended,
Staying on the Treetop!

Met a friendly (hopefully not poisonous) snake on the way to our tree top

Aaaaaaaaaand there it is! 
Treetop No.8!

Beautiful view on top

Bed nicely done

Place nicely lit

Whassup you asked?
Just chillin outside with Mother Nature

I'd say it's a very romantic place for couples and for family to stay at. 

We later went to swim at the Jungle pool, which I thought was a genius idea!
But good thing there's no blood sucking leeches there. 

We also went to Beach no 2 situated right after the Jungle pool

And that's how we spend our day 2!
Jump to that

Signing off

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My trip to Kuching Sarawak - Day 1

It Was Awesome!
Booked a plane to Kuching half a year ago and am thanking myself for every minute of it!
After going through internships and working my business, it was really refreshing to take some rest from everything.

So my dar n I woke up in the middle of the night to board the all-so-early plane to Kuching...

It was still night time when we flew

First thing we noticed when we were nearing Kuching, Lots Of Rivers!!!
So we were picked up by a fellow friend, and brought to breakfast.

This is something I havent tried, it's a kuih with coconut inside, yum yum!

Had a nice Kolo Mee right at the very first day!
(great recommendation by Aubrey)

Here we are at Kuching's town centre

Had siew mai here
Then we went to our B&B, which was Batu Bata Guesthouse!

I'd say it's a great place to stay at!

Nice ambiance and atmosphere
(Mostly angmos here, I think we are the only Asians around the place)
So we went for some sight seeing

Had Mix Pork Rice for dinner, it was hearty, great taste far from home. 

I actually broke my shoes there, but it was really hard looking for cheap shoes here. 
I'd say the stuff sold here are twice the price of that in Penang, but the souvenirs are really cheap!
I will be going back for more, definitely!

Day 1 end